Refund Policy

 All events must be paid in full 60 days prior to its scheduled date.  Any event that still has an unpaid balance 30 days prior to its execution date will be canceled, and the Client will forfeit any and all deposits/payments made previously.   Any attempt to reschedule at that point will be at the sole discretion of Rustic Rose Events Management.

Rustic Rose Events reserves the right to review and cancel any event in which 50% of the total balance due has not been collected at the halfway point between the date the event was initially booked, and the due date of the final payment.  No refunds on payments already collected will be given.

All deposits/payments are non-refundable in the event that the Client wishes to cancel an already scheduled event, regardless of reason with the exception of the Security Deposit (If applicable), which will be refunded within 14 days following completion of the event, less damages, if any.

All payments required to have been paid prior to receipt of cancellation must have been paid or must be included with the cancellation letter.  Upon receipt of cancellation letter and past due payments, if any, no future payments will be required.  NO REFUNDS are given on payments processed prior to Notice of Cancellation.